What can I say, I've wanted a bike since I first saw Terminator 2 as a kid.

Here you will find some of my motorcycling stories. From tinkering with my little Honda MSX125cc to longer trips with my BMW F700GS

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One of my favourite hobbies is photography. I don't pretend I'm terribly skilled at it, but I get enjoyment from it. It tend to take pictures of animals and nature mostly. However I am trying to take more pictures of people these days.

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This is a recent hobby of mine, and has quickly become a main past time. Airsoft is essentially adults running around a field/wood/old buildings shooting each other with "BB guns". It is a game played all around the world and relies on players being honest with each other when they get hit.

Just for clarification; None of the images you find on this site are of real guns. These only fire small plastic pellets.

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Anker Reviews

I am a big lover of Anker products. I find them very robust and great value for money. As a long time customer, I am part of their "Power User" program, so occasionally get freebies, which I do review honestly.

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