Airsoft – First opinions

I’ll start off by saying that I am a relative newbie to the Airsoft world. So here is the story of how I got into it. I’ll follow it up with other random/noticeable events in my airsoft life.

My partner, Rob, use to play before we met so he at least knew what the script generally was with the sport. He had spoken about it before and asked if I would be interested. I admit, I thought it was just a load of folk being super serious when “playing soldiers” – not really my thing.
We met a few of the regulars of our local Airsoft site through our “work” with Castle Horror. The local Airsoft site provide the ZORT (Zombie Outbreak Response Team) for Castle Horror zombie events. We got chatting to a few of them and I quickly realised that airsofters were not what I imagined at all! They are not all wanna be/real soldiers who take the game completely serious!
So in summer of 2017 I said to Rob ” I fancy giving Airsoft a go, shall we book in for the next game day?” Rob agreed (unsurprisingly!) and we have hardly missed a game day since!

I quickly read up on all the UKARA and other legislation, with Rob clearing up some of my questions, giving advice and started looking at RIF’s and gear and all the other gizmos and toys associated with the game. My Amazon and eBay wish lists grew to a stupid and unmanageable size very quickly.
I had already decided I didn’t want to go down the camo route for a loadout, it is simply not for me. For my first few game days I found playing in my craghoppers walking trousers and a tshirt just fine. Once I got over the stingy feeling of a BB hit of course! I very much enjoyed running around fields of jaggy nettles trying to find people to shoot at 🙂 Although found playing in the corridor sections to be both incredibly fun, and really painful. There were a few issues with the hire guns, which is probably to be expected at any site, with the amount of use and abuse they get.
However with me gaining UKARA soon, I could get my own RIF. I found with the hire guns (G36’s with a folding stock) I hated the stock, and always played with it collapsed – where it then got in my way because I tend to shoot left handed most of the time. So I figured out I wanted a reasonable short gun. Possibly because I am rather short myself this would simply make it more manageable for me. Many discussions were had with Rob and others at the site, until I eventually came to the conclusion I would like something with a very short stock, light weight and a shortish barrel -basically a massive pistol!
Thankfully we live not too far from two large Airsoft retailers – Airsoft World and Land Warrior. Rob had already decided what gun he wanted, and Land Warrior had it in stock. So a day trip was planned!

The Land Warrior shop was bigger than I imagined, and full of all sorts of toys. I had looked on their website before hand and asked to see a few different AEGs. They obliged and went and got them from the store.
I eventually settled on the G&G GR16 Wasp. It was in budget, the G&G range seemed to get very good reviews and it was something a bit different than the norm.
So that paired up with some lipo’s, a charger and a couple of bags of BB’s saw me going home very happily!

And so began the seemingly never ending shopping spree that is airsoft!

The day I brought it home… 


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