Getting to know me…

Hey! So first post here is going to be a little bit of background on my motorcycling history. I’ve wanted a bike since I was around 12 years old, saved up enough money for a cheap run around, some kit and a CBT test when I was 18. But then I moved out of my parents home and spent the money on “boring” stuff like furniture and electricity!
Fast forward 5 years and I started seriously looking at getting a motorcycle again. By this point I could simply do the full UK licence and ride any bike, regardless of power. Which although this is more initial outlay of money, it seemed like the best way to go.
Until I spotted this silly little yellow bike in a showroom…

I couldn’t help it, I fell in love with the cute little thing!

And so began a year of me arguing with myself about what to do. I couldn’t feasiable commute on it – at the time I was commuting 40ish miles of dual carriageway each way to work 5 days a week. A bigger bike would make a whole lot more sense.
But then, I changed jobs and my mind was made up! The much shorter commute sealed the deal and in April 2015 I finally owned my own motorcycle!

In the UK a CBT course allows you to ride a bike up to 125cc with L plates on for 2 years. After which you must either sit a full motorcycle licence, or resit the CBT course. I spent 2, veyr happy years on my MSX until I eventually went and sat my full licence. Which I passed with no problems. During those 2 years the bike changed some what… as is the case with these kind of bikes and my love of learning how to do things. I’ll post about some of my mods on this bike later.

Soon after passing the test for the full licence I brought home a wonderful BMW F700GS to live alongside the MSX. The MSX I still use for nipping around town and commuting. The BWM takes the task of going longer distance runs much easier though.

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