My G&G GR16 Wasp

So this is was my first AEG, and I am glad to say I made the right choice with it. I’ve had it 7 months now and still love shooting with it. I bought it from the lovely people at Land Warrior (Edinburgh) who were very helpful when I went in as a complete newbie to look at RIF’s.
When I bought it LW chrono’ed it at 348fps on .20g bb’s. My local site limit is 350fps, so it was under and I was advised that as a new gun, after bedding in it would drop a bit.
The day I brought it home:


7 Months later, it still shoots between 344-348fps each game day!
My local site is a mix of reasonably open urban environment and some CQB, mostly down corridors. Which the Wasp deals with very well I find. It’s accurate range for me is somewhere around 40m (130ft). However this is pretty much the limit of my eyes being able to see the bb, so it could well be more, as I do not play with any sort of slight or scope on this gun. I simply look down the barrel and follow the bb. Many people seem to get very annoyed at the lack of sights, personally I don’t see the problem. I don’t blind fire and I know the gun well enough now that I can aim it by looking down it’s length.

The fact it is so short, but with decent range means I can easily go from running around outside of builds to clearing a building with ease. Although after seeing some of the bruises it was leaving people when I hit them from the reasonable close distance of CQB I soon decided I wanted a pistol. These folk are friends after all!!
One non-airsofting Sunday I got a little bored with watching the telly. I knew I was wanting to paint part of the gun to make it a bit more “mine”. So I ended up picking out a metallic bronze paint, and done this too it:

Wasp Paint


I am rather pleased by how it came out. It’s a sorta steam punk/fallout look that I like. It gets various comments when people see it now. I tend to stick my little Go Pro Session on the top rail, right at the front. It gives a rather interesting view point when playing.

One thing I was starting to notice from having my own gun than using hires was the sheer amount of ammo I was going through. On full auto, the Wasp has no problems gorging itself on bb’s! Being a new player, I was also a bit trigger happy, especially during games where I was defending a point.
I started looking at mosfets, in the hope of changing full auto to 3-5 round bursts. In an effort to control my ammo use. I quickly saw the appeal of the Gate Titans and started looking at getting one for my little Wasp.
Months later, I still haven’t got a Titian for it. Mostly because I am loathed to open it up as it is still performing as well as it did 7 months ago.

So I did what anyone would do with the money I had set aside for it, I bought another gun !

Wasp and Falkor Recce

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