My Second Love…

My second AEG was a bit of an impulse, “oh shiny!” purchase I’ll admit. I had been going to spend some money on putting a Gate Titian in my G&G Wasp. However with it running so well, I was loathed to open it up and mess around with its guts.
On a dreich Thursday evening in January in my local airsoft shop, a number of more experienced players convinced me buying a second AEG was a really good idea and I should do that rather than tinker with the Wasp. I saw their logic in it. If anything happened to the Wasp while I was playing, I’d have a back up. If I wanted to tinker with the Wasp and messed it up, I’d have a back up. If a family/friends came to stay and wanted to play, I’d have a gun to let them play with.
It made sense…

So I started thinking what I would like from another AEG. By this point I had been playing every fortnight for the past 6 months or so, and been able to try a number of different styles of AEG due to the really friendly nature of most airsofters. I found that full stock’s and swing stocks simply didn’t work for me, however most collapsible/ extendable stocks I could get used to. After some thinking and drawing up of lists I came to the conclusion I wanted something a bit longer than the Wasp, under 4kg in weight, ambidextrous mag release (at least) and able to take M4 mags (since that’s what the Wasp takes and I wanted to keep things simple).
Many AEG’s from various brands made the short list, however I simply fell in love with the looks of this:

It is an EMG/APS Falkor Defence Recce.

“Made by” EMG collaborating with both APS and Falkor Defence (the real gun’s manufacture) this AEG is absolutely stunning in my eyes. Smooth lines, an odd shiny but not gleaming metal billet body, that rail…
It ticked all the boxes I had on my list, and more. Although at 84cm in length (~34 inches) I did wonder if it would be too long for little me…
After a few messages with Dave over at Dave’s Custom Airsoft and reading reviews I was convinced it was for me, so put in the order!

When it arrived with me, I was even more impressed by the quality of it. It simply feels fantastic. Smooth metal with a lovely finish, the transition to the rail is almost seamless. Full ambidextrous is a major plus for me. It makes changing mags so much easier, and having an ambi fire selector means I no longer need to adjust my grip to switch between semi and full. The stock holds the battery, and is a little footery to get the battery wires away from the pin holes to close it up again. However with some practise I am getting used to it. The lack of blow back also has taken me a bit to get used to.

The first few outings with it I was not as impressed with the performance as I was of the quality. It seemed to lack range and accuracy, especially when compared to my Wasp. I ended up having to play with no hop applied as applying any simply resulted in the bb’s dropping like stones after 20ft or so.
However I was playing in 0 to -10ºC. Many people (who I know and on the internet) told me that some hop rubbers and nubs simply cannot cope with that.
After some cleaning (more on that in another post!) and a change of hop rubber and nub, it is now shooting more or less perfectly.
Still the occasional stray shot but it’s much more ranged now.
Now that I’ve got it shooting better I am now looking for a scope I like for it. The one I have on it currently does the job, however it does have some fogging in it, and it massive…
Ideally I’d like a 3x or 4x magnification compact scope for it. Now I’ll just need to find one in my price range!


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