I don’t pretend that I am an amazing photographer. But I do enjoy the process of taking photos and finding interesting things to snap. My senegal parrot ZaZu is ever present for me to practise different techniques with. Which she will allow so long as there is a walnut in it for her! 

My main camera is a Panasonic Lumix GX7 – A micro four thirds mirror-less camera that I absolute love the size of. I also use my phone a lot of the time to take quick snaps too. It’s a Google Pixel and it’s camera is rather good I have found. 

Please do not use my pictures without my consent – it is good manners to ask, and normally the answer will be yes so long as your give me credit.


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Pictures I have taken from Castle Horror events. Castle Horror is an events company specialising in Scare events. - I play a zombie occasionally with them and very much enjoy doing things with them. Find out more about them here- http://castlehorror.com/