USB C-PD + Power IQ2 wall plug

So this wall plug is something I have been waiting on for a while now, USB A and a USB C ports! Now I can finally start converting over to totally USB C cables, rather than having to keep a mix of USB A to C and USB A to micro/mini USB.

I’ve included a picture of the spec’s, as you will see, the USB-C port will charge pretty much anything, up to a wattage of 30w. This will allow for phones, tablet and some smaller laptops to charger happily. Although I suspect some laptops will be very slow to charge if you are using them while trying to charge. Unfortunately I could not test this, as my laptop is HP and they (HP) do not allow charging via USB-C (argh!!)

The plug itself is up to the usual Anker standard. Glossy and refined, it wouldn’t look out of place in a modern ultra-white apartment with a macbook air attached to the other end. However I couldn’t take such a lush photo of it in that setting (firstly because I don’t have a macbook air and secondly, my house is not all white and spotless !)

This little wall plug will actually live at my work, where people are forever asking to borrow chargers from me. This is also where I have done all my testing. It certainly lives up to it’s specs so I wont bore you with details.
I can confirm it will charge Android phones “rapidly” and will happily charge two devices at full speed, without noticably heating up.

Overall, this little wall plug is ace. If you are looking for a charger to charge your phone at the same time as your laptop or other higher powered USB C device then I would say this charger is worth the £26 it currently is.
It is especially useful if you are travelling and only have a limited amount of time to charger your devices.

If however you are simply looking for a charger to charge your device overnight, there are other chargers that will do the job for less money. The main selling point of this charger is that it can charge two high powered devices at the same time quickly.

Oh, and remember to buy some cables too! I’ll do a separate post on the various cables I have at a later date.

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